Note to self: update blog

How often have you clicked through to the blog section of a website and found that the most recent post dates from many months or even years ago? It doesn’t look great, does it. So, the simple message of this post is: post something!

Cobwebs around a lightbulb

If your reason for not posting is that you’ve been too busy, it’s likely that you have plenty of potential material for a post. It doesn’t need to be long – as I’ve written here before, brevity will usually be appreciated by your readers. Having a regular rhythm of posts demonstrates that you are active. On a website that is otherwise static, visitors might check the blog for signs of life.

And if you are finding it too difficult to keep up that regular rhythm, whether due to lack of time or writer’s block, then perhaps it’s best to remove the blog altogether, or at least add a notice explaining that it is dormant. Needless to say, you should think carefully before starting any new blog: ask yourself whether you will realistically be able to keep it updated.

(This post feels very self-referential, as it is itself serving to keep my blog updated. But the point still stands.)


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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