I’m a communications consultant, writer, editor and facilitator based in the Geneva area.
How can I help you?


When it comes to text, less is usually more. But the words chosen must work harder to do the job. I’ll take care of writing and/or editing your content so that it’s always effective and engaging.

I can deliver well-written copy that conveys your messages in a style and tone appropriate to the context. You talk, I’ll type, and together we’ll say what needs to be said.

Communications strategist

Do your members and stakeholders value the work you’re doing on their behalf? Do they even know about it? I can help you get the most out of your communications so that your community feels valued and values you.

Making your voice heard above the background noise is becoming increasingly difficult. An effective content strategy will give your community members enticing reasons to engage.

Event design and facilitation

Successful events, from webinars to conferences, unconferences and everything in between, need to be designed and hosted in a way that makes it easy for participants to engage. I can help every step of the way – planning, production, facilitation – so that your events meet your community’s needs.

With years of diverse event experience, both on stage and behind the scenes, I will bring a cool head and a pragmatic approach so you and your participants can focus on the content.

About me

For more than two decades, I’ve been creating content, producing events and engaging members across diverse communities. Building on a strong academic background in communications, my career to date has taken me around Europe, working in radio production, standards development, animal conservation, media technology and education.

Most of my experience has been with non-profit organizations and in each case my work has been transformational, both in terms of communications goals and wider objectives. Working as a freelance consultant since 2016, my primary client focus is on helping non-profit organizations in the Geneva region to maximize their impact and create value for their stakeholders. That said, my clients have included both commercial and non-profit organizations, some based outside Switzerland.

I live midway between Geneva and Lausanne with my wife and two sons. I come from Ireland but moved to Switzerland in 2004. Beyond the day job and family life, I keep myself busy with music, board games, books and sports.

My first name, Eoghan, is unfamiliar to most people outside Ireland and thus a good conversation starter. Nevertheless, it poses problems when you need to spell it or remember how it is pronounced (Owen is close enough). Until we get to know each other, it may be simpler to refer to me as ‘that comms guy‘!

Eoghan O'Sullivan (Photo by Hayley Hay)

Eoghan O’Sullivan (Photo by Hayley Hay)

My clients

These are organizations I’ve worked with in the last year or two. If you would like to know more about my work with any of them, get in touch.

I love working with a diverse portfolio of clients. It keeps things interesting for me and throws up unexpected opportunities for cross-fertilization. Even if you’re not sure I’m that comms guy you’re looking for, I’d be happy to meet for a chat.

Get in touch

I love coming up with communications-based solutions, particularly when resources are limited. Let’s talk about the challenges your organization faces.

I could…

  • take care of your web copywriting, edit your quarterly magazine or craft your workshop report;
  • coordinate your event, be your conference moderator or provide technical support for your virtual meetings;
  • refine your key communications to better engage your stakeholders and demonstrate your value to members.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email to arrange an initial conversation – or simply give me a call if you prefer.

To send me an email, you should add eoghan@ to the domain name for this website.

My number is 078, followed by 804, then 63 86. Add +41 from outside Switzerland.

(In case you’re curious, the above is an attempt to reduce email and phone spam.)

… copywriter … wordsmith … editor … reporter … presenter … proofreader … storyteller … singer … songwriter … ghostwriter … content strategist … community manager … social media coordinator … focal point … story-seeker … event manager … conference planner … facilitator … moderator … host … booth manager … interviewer …

Psst! In the past, I published blog posts from time to time but wasn’t managing to post as often as I would have liked to. The blog is still available here.